La Jolla H3 celebrates


Memorial Day Weekend 1998 - Sunday


And it was a blast!

Sunday: Building T-29, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, on Biological Grade, off La Jolla Shores Drive

Starting at a now traditional LJH3 party place, SIO's T-29, the pack descended to the beach, hopped waves, then climbed the stairs south of Scripps. I don't know where the eagles went, but the turkeys ran up LJ Shores Rd, up past the SIO Aquarium, on up dirt trails to the baseball/soccer fields, paralled Torrey Pines Rd., ran around UCSD's south end and then into the beer check at Porter's Pub. Hare Goodtail served drinks. On back to T-29 was a basic no-brainer for locals, somewhat more difficult for those who had to follow marks

Huge amounts of food, much too good for an ordinary hash, appeared - barbequed chicken, beef, and pork, plus shrimp jumbalaya, salad, a few other items, topped off with ice cream and a spectacular birthday cake for hare Kurt Bodmer's (Swiss Piss) 60th birthday.

Capt. Hook helps Jeff and Jeff cook

early LJH3
Patty (formerly Moore), Dave Moore, Joe Curray, Bob Kiekhefer, & Larry Lawver - ancient La Jolla Hashers

Start of Monday's run was top of Mt. Soledad in background

chow time
Gene Levin and Melinda Medina feed kids. Deep Throat, in chef hat, collects more food for serving table.

Sticky Fingers and Stopcock cook vegies.

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