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  • Currently preparing fault maps and supplying GIS support for Earthquake Engineering Research Institute's Earthquake Scenario for San Diego - Tijuana region. Assessed available fault datasets to choose best/most relevant data. Worked with City of San Diego and FEMA to migrate data to a larger server. Minor use of QGIS.
  • GIS Analyst - 6+ years experience: tasks including pre-process / clean data, reproject datasets, convert Excel files to shapefiles, digitize input, create map document, generate and edit topology, join tables, clip vector and raster files, query data, create multiple data frames, add legends, label features, change labels to annotation, import and georeference CAD files and graphics, export data in various formats, buffer and dissolve features, build and process raster files with Spatial Analyst and map algebra, and wrote metadata.
  • Built 3D geologic framework model: Combined and processed surface and subsurface geology data from San Diego / Tijuana area. Assembled and analyzed 7 geologic datasets from San Diego / northern Baja California and merged them to create a cross-border geologic map used as the top surface for a 3D model for a regional groundwater resources study. Interpreted depth points from oil exploration wells, test holes, USGS multiple-completion wells, production water wells, wells drilled for monitoring and irrigation, and offshore seismic reflection profiles to provide depth data for the model using ArcGIS and EarthVision. This model has been used by cooperators and consultants to predict stratigraphy during drilling.
  • Currently mapping faults and supplying GIS support for Earthquake Engineering Research Institute's Earthquake Scenario for San Diego - Tijuana region.
  • Wrote Python scripts to correct ArcMap document links after server upgrade/translation.
  • Created file geodatabase - Pajaro project, composed of landuses (mainly crops) vs. water resources (groundwater regions, water distribution, and administration). The geodatabase contained feature datasets, feature classes including a topology, subtypes, domains, and non-spatial tables. Goal: provide sufficient information for water authorities to revise their pricing structure.
  • Modified and ran climate model grids: used Python scripts, documented procedures.
  • Designed Scripps Ranch wildfire risk project: based on SanGIS veg95, major roads, and 2003 burned area from SanGIS and satellite imagery of Scripps Ranch from Google maps, all clipped to zip code 92131. I added an additional field "flam" to the veg layer for flammability, assigned a "flam" value of "0" to water areas, "1" to low risk vegetation (developed areas, irrigated agriculture, etc.), "2" for moderately flammable (grasslands), and "3" for highly flammable areas (eucalyptus forest, chapparal) and symbolized the map to show flammability. This was the basis for a larger scale project for the Red Cross.
  • Work with ESRI, USGS, TIGER, SanDAG, SanGIS, and Google map data files. Use ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcScene, ArcINFO, RockWorks, and prepare files for EarthVision.
  • Create and run batch and model processes with Modelbuilder and Python.
  • Customer service oriented, adaptable, trouble-shooter / problem solver.
  • Transitioned and upgraded Red Cross Disaster Operations Center web pages from iGoogle to Google Sites, proactively added new functionality to web/GIS interface, and built wildfire hazard layer for San Diego County using for the vegetation database to display in the Common Operating Picture.


  • Web Developer - created / maintained custom websites from concept to "live" for about 15 years. Determined needs of target audience, developed software and hardware requirements, created / expanded / redesigned client's web layout, built storyboard, uploaded site to the server, tested development and live servers, maintained client's site - full software lifecycle. Built animated e-mails, embedded QuickTime movies into Flash websites.
  • Webmaster for San Diego Association of Geologists - built this site with content maintained at least monthly, includes CGI/PERL scripts to collect and count meeting registrations and food preferences, includes a PayPal pre-payment option.
  • Mojave web GIS project: made point shapefile from groundwater level data, drew contours, digitized contours to export as an image for interactive web site. Wrote or updated much of the HTML, PERL, and JavaScript code for the Google map page, wrote metadata, exported GIS data to web format for Mojave Water Resources website. - also listed as - and updated for:
  • Developed computer based training product for military. Designed application as browser based - to run from a CD or installed on the user's computer, but ready to convert to SCORM, using XML out capability to connect to external database when a Learning Management System became available; proactively ensured functionality by testing on many platforms and browsers. Teamed with storyboard producer (content expert) and artists to make the CBT work.
  • Maintained content on high volume website (~1,000,000 hits per day). Under tight deadlines updated homepage text, links, graphics, and tracking codes. Modified / wrote PERL scripts to update music inventory, managed Music group, and helped team build music database. Troubleshot / repaired "broken" electronic greeting cards. Fixed graphic / animation problems. Proactively searched the website for files needing maintenance. Expedited deployment and removal of advertising snippets and banners.
  • Hand code HTML using Dreamweaver, BBEdit, or Notepad as HTML editor. Skilled in Flash ActionScript, use CSS, frames, image maps, and server side includes. Write code in CGI, PERL, JavaScript, and Python with training in other languages.
  • Created password protected weekly newsletter, using Server Side Includes extensively.
  • Create graphics in many formats (especially Photoshop, Flash, and AutoCAD), convert clip art and other graphics between various vector and raster formats, and create animation and multimedia.
  • Regularly ftp files to web servers - have also worked with telnet, SSH (Secure CRT, F-Secure).
  • Can work with PCs, Mac, Sun, networks, minis, mainframes, MS Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Linux, Solaris X-windows, plus training in development environments MS Visual Studio, Joomla, and MAMP.
  • Developed flatfile databases with CGI / PERL. Built small database using Local Shared Objects in Flash with ActionScript, minor work with ColdFusion, Access
  • Updated / maintained code in many programming languages, troubleshot, and provided user support.


  • Soil assessment: observed / sampled soil / rock at hazmat sites (primarily LUST), assessed hydrocarbon contaminated sites, scheduled and supervised drilling and excavation crews, described soil borings, checked soil chemistry results, calculated soil volumes, monitored air quality during drilling operations, tested soil for geotechnical and hydrological properties and wrote site assessments for regulatory agencies.
  • Groundwater monitoring, sampling, and reporting: checked / analyzed groundwater level and quality results, prepared ~100 quarterly and monthly reports for regulatory agencies.
  • Technical writing: conducted library research, obtained bids, developed costs, and wrote proposals for soil assessment and remediation, prepared HMMD remediation workplans, analyzed the data, hand-drafted maps, and wrote assessment (Phase II) or soil verification reports for 12 underground storage tanks and 11 oil water separators.
  • Analyzed / processed data (15+ years), wrote technical reports (15+ years), also wrote software user's manuals, proposals, and web content.
  • NPDES permit: collected information from numerous sources and wrote the application for permit to discharge remediated groundwater to a storm drain flowing into the Tijuana River.
  • Phase 1: interviewed tenants / residents / neighbors concerning historical land use and hazardous materials at sites undergoing change of ownership or refinancing. Prepared reports.
  • Legal: assisted in discovery, provided analysis and presentation for expert witness testimony.
  • Prepared maps: analyzed drill logs and prepared cross sections, geologic, groundwater gradient, geochemical / contaminant concentration (contour) and site maps - presented data using AutoCAD. Drew contour maps and piping & instrumentation diagrams from sketches and converted blueprints to CAD format. Prepared boring and well logs using gINT.
  • Research / data analysis in marine geology: visually examined and described deep-sea sediment "mud-logging", sampled and microscopically/ paleontologically analyzed marine geological materials, conducted library research, created databases to handle searches on geological materials at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, hand-drafted maps, wrote proposals, operated seismic and other geophysical equipment at sea, collected, analyzed, and interpreted data, wrote research reports. Analyzed geochemical data from seawater with gas chromatograph system, provided quality control, interpreted data, programmed computer to prepare hydrocarbon concentration maps, and generated plots based on other parameters such as seawater temperature. Wrote report to client (oil company). Maintained/ repaired equipment. Set up geological data transfers between various platforms during system upgrade.


  • Caro-Lion Enterprises, San Diego, CA, 1997 - present, Web Developer, GIS contractor.
  • US Geological Survey, San Diego, CA, 2008 - 2012, Geographer.
  • ARINC, San Diego, CA, 2005 - 2007, Web Programmer.
  • Bluemountain Arts / Excite@Home, 1999 - 2001, Webmaster / Web Developer.


  • GIS certificate of performance - San Diego Community College - Mesa College, 12/2009.
  • Software Engineering Certificate - Defense Conversion Center, San Diego State Univ., 3/1999.
  • Multimedia Design and Management Certificate - DCC, San Diego State Univ., 4/1997
  • Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Miami, Miami, FL - graduate study in Marine Geology and Geophysics.
  • B.S. in Geology, minor in Physics, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL

REFERENCE URLs San Diego Association of Geologists is totally my production. I built the site in 1997 and have expanded and maintained it ever since. The idea is easy, intuitive navigation, with content maintained at least once a month. To help with meeting logistics, I developed some cgi/perl scripts to collect registrations and food preferences, print out the reservations for the officers via password protected pages, allow the officers to edit the reservation list, then rename the file after the meeting to start a new list for the next meeting. Users/members of the organization really like the site. Mojave Water Resources website. I made a point shapefile from groundwater level data, drew contours, digitized contours to export as an image for the interactive web site. Wrote or updated much of the HTML, PERL, and JavaScript code for the Google map page, wrote metadata, exported GIS data to web format. As part of a DOD Mentor / Protégé program at ARINC, I restructured the Integrated Consultants Inc. website for improved stability / usability and taught the client how to maintain his website with Dreamweaver. Mike Hart wanted a small site to describe his areas of expertise to potential clients - including government agencies, attorneys, land developers, homeowners, and geotechnical consulting companies. San Diego Environmental Professionals wanted a website to communicate with their members and with the community in general. I wrote several cgi/perl scripts so officers can update meeting information, collect reservations from the website, and print out a sorted list of reservations for check-in at the meeting, This was a turn-key project which they now maintain. This is my personal website that shows a number of projects I have worked on including various multimedia assets. There is also a small demo directory which is more "corporate" style (with Flash roll-over buttons) and includes a searchable cgi/perl/flatfile product database I built at: http://www.caro-lion/Demo/home.html.

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